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Ruby Pearl CO - 4mm Opal Terp Pearls - Blue

by Ruby Pearl Co
$ 12.00
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4mm Synthetic Opal Pearls

These pearls are versatile, fitting perfectly in Bangers, Focus V CARTA 2, Puffco Peaks, Peak Pros, and Proxies. Although they don't retain heat as long as ruby or sapphire pearls, they mesmerize with their vibrant color spectrum.

  • Designed for an array of vaporizers and bangers.
  • While not as heat-retentive as ruby or sapphire, they shine with a beautiful color range.
  • Showcased in an 18m x 2mm Quartz Insert.
  • For cleaning, avoid rubbing alcohol or any solution on a hot gemstone; opt for a dry cotton swab and heat.
  • Refrain from applying direct flame to prevent thermal shock.
  • Always ensure a gradual heat and cool process in your banger.