Ronson® Tech Torch

$ 39.99

The Big Guy

The Tech Torch from Ronson is an excellent tool for lighting your banger. Great for indoor and outdoor use, is has an electronic ignition and an adjustable flame. It’s child resistant and refillable. Includes chisel soldering tip, fine point soldering tip, and a connector/blower attachment.

Product Specs:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Child-resistant trigger
  • Electronic ignition with auto start and adjustable flame
  • Large, metal 20g fuel tank is refillable with Ronson butane
  • Built in windguard
  • Excellent for either indoor or outdoor use
  • Clamshell kit comes complete with butane refill, connector/ blower attachment, fine point soldering tip and chisel soldering tips
  • Can be used in continuous operation by depressing the back button for a continuous flame or hands-free in a horizontal or vertical position to produce an upward flame similar to a Bunsen burner
  • Flame stays lit even when torch is used in an inverted position
  • Flame temperature is 2,400 degrees F or 1,300 degrees C

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