ResRemover 420 Cleaner - Just Add Hot Water!

by ResRemover
$ 11.49
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The Fountain of Youth for Your Glass Collection

All it takes to return your entire glass collection to its former glory is a bit of water and a pouch of ResRemover 420 cleaner. This high-performance bong cleaner is perfect for water pipes, hand pipes, wax rigs, glass smoking tools and more. All you need to do is add hot water to the bag of ResRemover bong cleaner, add your glass pieces that need cleaning, and wait overnight for the 420 cleaner to work its magic. There’s no need to spend your time scrubbing and struggling to get those hard-to-reach angles. You don’t even need to shake the bag! The next day, all traces of organic resin (including persistent smells) are long gone. And all of this is achieved without risky chemicals or solvents! ResREmover glass pipe cleaner pouches feature a zip seal that allows you to store the solution for repeated use. Have a bong that’s too big for the bag? You can soak bowl pieces, nails, bangers, and other accessories as directed, then pour the remaining solution into the large water pipe. As long as it has time to soak, it’s all good. Restore your glass collection to its full glory with a pouch of ResRemover 420 cleaner.

  • Just add hot water and wait overnight – the solution does the rest
  • Choose between a 16 fl. oz. (474 mL) or a 8 fl. oz. (237 mL) bag of solution
  • Zip seal allows for repeated use