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Renegade Glass 5.0” Branded Downstem

by Renegade Glass
Sold out
$ 15.00
$ 12.80

Silky Hits from the Trusted Name in Scientific Glass

Use this 5.0” bong downstem from Renegade to enjoy premium filtration with silky smooth hits. A precision cut 6-slit perc lightens up even the harshest of hits for truly serene smoking experiences. Made right here in the U.S.A., each downstem is carefully crafted from high quality borosilicate and proudly brandishes the Renegade logo. Any 14mm glass-on-glass male accessories are accommodated by this bong downstem. Whether you’re in urgent need of a replacement downstem or you’re looking to upgrade your piece, the 5.0” downstem by Renegade is a solid choice.

  • 18mm male exterior joint
  • 14mm male interior joint
  • Accommodates 14mm glass-on-glass male accessories
  • Distinctive Renegade logo runs the length of the piece
  • Made in the U.S.A.