Ram Glass Porthole Xhalerator Dab Rigs

by Ram Glass
$ 2,000.00
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The Smoke Circle Cannot Be Broken

The Ram Glass Porthole Xhalerator Dab Rig uses symmetry in a way that's anything but sacred geometry. Summon a demon of a sesh with this pronged wax rig that culminates in a leering face of devilish delight. Since the entire piece is punctuated with transparent portholes, you can gaze deep into the smoky soul of this sinister spirit. The Porthole Xhalerator comes straight from the minds at Mickelsen Studios and you don't have to draw any pentagrams or protect yourself with salt circles to get your hands on this heady glass goblin. But better have a stick of sage ready...just in case.

  • Includes a matching carb cap
  • Porthole design allows windows into the piece