Post Glass Filacano Opal Booty Dab Rig

by Post Glass
$ 300.00
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Where Were You When the Great Filacano Started to Smoke? 

Offering an elegant take on the conical wax rig design, the Filacano Opal Booty Dab Rig from Post Glass gives you a healthy dose of that unmistakable Post quality. Featuring intricate hand drawn line work at the base, the Filacano dab rig straddles the line between heady glass and a straightforward, reliable daily dabber with a nice chug to it. Two genuine opals are incorporated in the design, adding an extra touch of the regal to this sophisticated piece. 

  • Conical wax rig
  • Incorporates 2 genuine opals into ornate design
  • Hand drawn line work at the base