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Post Glass Recycler Rig - Blue and White Fillacello with Horns - 14mm, 90°

by Post Glass
$ 800.00

A Recycler Rig From Beyond

Believe it or not, this recycler rig is actually of our dimension; another unique creation from Post Glass. If you like retticello but want something with a little more saturation, the blue-and-white fillacello shield on this recycler rig will scratch that itch. It also features otherworldly glass horns in a recycler design somewhat reminiscent of a microscope. It's a good thing it's a recycler rig, because you'll need your hits to stay as smooth as possible after catching your breath from the sight of this out-of-this-world dab rig.

  • Ornate blue and white fillacello decoration
  • Intricate glass horns
  • Smooth hits courtesy of recycler rig design
  • 14mm joint size
  • 90° neck angle