Pizzal Glass Purple Implosion Donut Dab Rig with Whiskey Snifter and Bubble Cap - 10mm

by Pizzal Glass
$ 550.00

Dabs and Whiskey: Name a More Iconic Duo

The Purple Implosion Marble Donut Dab Rig Set from Pizzal Glass presents a bloom of intricate glasswork sprouting forth from a deep purple donut crowning a stabilizing chamber. The donut shaping of this dab rig prevents debris from reaching up to the mouthpiece for a cleaner more satisfying hit. You have premium airflow control thanks to the matching purple bubble cap. But this set rounds things out with a matching whiskey snifter perfect for a night of crossfaded high times.

  • Donut rig shape blocks debris
  • Decorative glass bloom at center
  • Stable base
  • Joint size 10mm
  • Neck angle 45°
  • Includes a matching bubble cap
  • Includes a matching whiskey snifter