Pizzal Glass Green and Orange Wig Wag Dab Rig with Carb Cap - 10mm

by Pizzal Glass
$ 700.00

A Rig You Donut Want to Let Go Of

The Green and Orange Wig Wag Donut Dab Rig from Pizzal Glass presents an inverted teardrop of intricate glasswork shielding a matching donut that crowns a stabilizing chamber. A wig wag design in matching colors accentuates the base and neck of this beautifully crafted wax rig. The donut shaping of this dab rig prevents debris from reaching up to the mouthpiece for a cleaner more satisfying hit. You can also count on full airflow control thanks to the included matching carb cap.

  • Donut rig shape blocks debris
  • Decorative inverted teardrop at center
  • Wig wag designs
  • Stable base
  • Joint size 10mm
  • Neck angle 45°
  • Includes a matching carb cap