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Pizzal Glass Double Amber Purple Donut Dab Rig with Carb Cap - 10mm

by Pizzal Glass
$ 500.00

The Intergalactic Donut from Planet X

The Double Amber Purple Donut Dab Rig from Pizzal Glass presents a mesmerizing swirl of intricate glasswork sprouting forth from a donut crowning a stabilizing chamber. Purple glass double coated in amber coloring results in a cosmic effect that takes on new character in different lighting. It truly has to be seen to be believed. The donut shaping of this dab rig prevents debris from reaching up to the mouthpiece for a cleaner more satisfying hit. You also get premium airflow control thanks to the matching bubble cap.

  • Donut rig shape blocks debris
  • Cosmic double amber purple glass coloring for psychedelic effect
  • Decorative glass swirl at center
  • Stable base
  • Joint size 10mm
  • Neck angle 45°
  • Includes a matching carb cap