Palm Twist Hand-Rolled Leaf Slim Blunt Wrap Pack

by Palm Twist
$ 5.99
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Can You Even Get More Natural Than Smoking from a Leaf?

Enjoy the super slow burn of the hand-picked and hand-rolled Palm Twist slim blunt wrap. This exotic alternative to a standard blunt wrap really lets you savor your smoke since it’s not diluted with additives and contaminants. Each leaf is cleansed with purified water to ensure you’ll be puffing on nothing but the best. These unique wraps also include a corn husk filter that offers reinforcement and support for even the fattest blunts. Crafted from sustainable ingredients, these eco-conscious blunt wraps are one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite herb, since these are fully approved by Mother Nature.

  • Hand-rolled exotic leaf
  • Super slow burn
  • Free of tobacco and additives
  • Hand-picked and cleaned with purified water
  • Includes 3 leaves per pack