Oracle Glass Inc. Worked Turbine Wax Rig w/ Carb Cap - 14mm

by Oracle Glass Inc.
$ 500.00

The Power of Physics at Work to Bring You The Smoothest Sesh

The Worked Turbine Wax Rig from Oracle Glass Inc. wastes no space, using the entire base as a chamber topped with a turbine perc that turns every hit into a flurry of motion. This culminates into silky, airy hits that will leave you coming back for more. Rounded out by solid craftsmanship, the Turbine Dab Rig is a must for anyone in search of the smoothest sesh possible. Worked glass adds a flurry of kaleidoscopic patterns to this dab rig, with saturated areas at the mouthpiece, top of the primary chamber, base, and downstem. It even includes a matching worked glass carb cap.

  • Turbine perc
  • Chamber in base
  • Patterned worked glass accents
  • Matching carb cap included
  • 14mm joint size
  • 90° neck angle