NoGoo Silicone Hammer Bubbler Pipe - Tie Dye

by NoGoo
$ 32.50

A Hammer Bubbler That Can Withstand a Hammer

Enjoy hits heavier than the hammer of the gods with the NoGoo Non-Stick Silicone Hammer Bubbler Pipe. This leaning bubbler provides the stability and support of the hammer bubbler design; not that you'll need it since it's comprised of high quality silicone that's virtually unbreakable. You can bring it on the road for festivals, camping, raves and more; no matter how you bend or twist it, it bounces right back. The hits remain smooth not just because it's a bubbler pipe, but also because it includes a generously sized removable glass bowl piece insert. 

  • Crafted from virtually unbreakable silicone
  • Includes a glass bowl piece insert for smooth hits
  • Stable hammer bubbler design