NoGoo Reverse Non-Stick Silicone-Tipped Tweezers

by NoGoo
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$ 30.00

Dabbing's Easy When You're Feeling Tweezy

The NoGoo Reverse Tweezers provide you with a next level dab tool that's non-stick when working with waxes and other sticky concentrates, yet offers a reliable grip when grasping smooth surfaces (such as those of glass or quartz dab jars, bangers, and nails). To operate, simply press the intersection of the tweezers to open them up, then use them to pick up any object as you would with any standard pair of tweezers. The non-stick tweezer tips do the rest. 

  • Silicone-tipped tweezers
  • Non-stick when applied to wax
  • Steady grip when used on smooth surfaces like glass and quartz
  • Includes silicone tips