Nes Glass Wig Wag Mini Tube Dab Rigs - 10mm

by Nes Glass
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$ 250.00
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You Could Burn Yourself on That Wig Wag It's So Hot

Get caught up in a tidal wave of style and glass artistry with a Nes Glass Wig Wag Mini Tube Rig. Each of these wax rigs offers the stability and support of a beaker pipe but is perfectly sized to deliver those potent hits of delicious concentrates you crave. Fiery wig wag designs bisect the neck and stem while also prominently striking an impression into the base of the dab rig. Choose either the tropical aesthetic of the aqua fumed mini tube with wig wag or the smoldering orange wig wag mini tube contrasted against glossy black glass. 

  • Intricate, fiery wig wag designs in neck, stem and base
  • Choose from two color designs
  • 10mm joint size
  • 45° neck angle