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Myster Fogpen for Concentrates, Stainless Steel

by Myster
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$ 60.00
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The Sleek & Discreet Fogpen Vaporizer Pen by Myster.

The Fogpen is the most attractive and versatile vape pen on the market. This Concentrate Kit includes everything you need to be vaping concentrates on the go. The included Fog Chamber attachment works great with Wax & Oils. Being an enthusiast is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is also nobody's business. 

Product Specs:

The Concentrate Kit Includes: 
1 x Fogpen Battery 
1 x Fogpen Fog Chamber 
1 x Discreet Pentop Cover 
1 x Dual Quartz Rod Coil 
1 x USB Charger 

Everything you need for oils, wax, etc.