Myster Fogpen 3-In-1, Stainless Steel

by Myster
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The Sleek & Discreet Fogpen Vaporizer Pen by Myster.

The Fogpen is the most attractive and versatile vape pen on the market. With it's sleek design, your friends will demand to know where you got the best vape pen they have ever used or seen. This High-End Kit includes everything you need to be vaping dry herb, wax, & e-liquids on the go. The included Fog Chamber attachment works great with Wax & Oils.
The water pipe adaptor allows for use with any 14mm pipe stem. This kit includes 3 Dry Herb/ Wax Attachments that can be prefilled and interchanged on the go to prevent the user from dumping and packing in public. 

Product Specs:

The High-End Kit Includes: 
1 x Fogpen Battery 
1 x Fogpen pen top cover 
1 x NEW Quartz Rod Coil (low-temp) 
1 x NEW Dual Quartz Rod Coil 
1 x Extra Fog Chamber Tube 
3 x Fogpen Dry Herb / Wax Attachments 
1 x Improved E-liquid Attachment 
1 x e-liquid replacement coil 
1 x USB Charge Cord 
1 x Water Pipe Adaptor 
1 x Dabber / Poker