Mini Nail Dab Kit w/E-Nail, Deep Dish Hybrid Nail + More

by Mini Nail
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$ 350.00
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The Survival Guide to Any Sesh

Giving you everything you need for a dab sesh with every modern convenience, these Dab Kits from Mini Nail start you out with a comprehensive pack at an affordable price. Each kit is built around a colored palm-sized e-nail controller and backed up with a hybrid coil, generous deep dish hybrid dab nail, and a carb cap so you waste none of that delicious wax. The e-nail controller box is approximately business card-sized and weighs a mere 5 ounces! Its efficiency is unmatched, reliably serving up the sesh with a modest ~89 watts of power, making it one of the safest and most impressive e-nail solutions on the market. 

Black Kit Includes:

  • Black Controller E-Nail
  • Hybrid Coil
  • Rainbow Deep Dish Hybrid Dab Nail
  • 25mm Rainbow Multi-Tip Carb Carb Cap

Red Kit Includes:

  • Red Controller E-Nail
  • Hybrid Coil
  • Silver Deep Dish Hybrid Nail
  • 25mm Silver Flat Tip Carb Cap

Gold Kit Includes:

  • Gold Controller E-Nail
  • Hybrid Coil
  • Gold Deep Dish Hybrid Nail
  • 25mm Gold Flat Tip Carb Cap