Miner Glass Fab Egg V2 Core Color Carta Attachment - Design #4

by Miner Glass
Sold out
$ 500.00

An Eggsellent Addition to the CARTA E-Rig

Bring the complex smoothness of the highly sought after fab egg rig to the convenience and performance of your Focus V CARTA e-rig with this gorgeously crafted attachment from Miner Glass. The Fab Egg V2 Core Color CARTA Attachment easily and securely connects with your CARTA smart rig for a unique look with a performance that produces silky smooth hits thanks to the perc at the egg's "yolk". Because of the nuances of the Fab Egg Rig design, they're typically well beyond the price range of all but the most discerning connoisseurs. However, the brilliant minds at Miner Glass have devised a way to take all of the details and benefits of the faberge egg rig design and reformat it as an affordable crowning piece for your CARTA. This unique piece features frosted, icy two-tone blue coloring defining its core for a brilliant effect. 

  • Intricate fab egg rig design
  • Central perc for silky smooth hits
  • Vibrant colored glass core
  • Designed for use with the Focus V CARTA