Messy Glass Mini-Tube Wig Wag

by Messy Glass
$ 280.00
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Where Great Flavor Meets Great Taste

These brilliant mini-tube wax rigs from Messy Glass provide flavorful terp bursts thanks in no small part to their tiny stature. Mini rigs are noted for producing powerful puffs from limited space. The hits keep coming through a fixed downstem, taking the edge off with simple, straightforward diffusion. These stable, supportive bell rigs feature decorative marbles opposite the banger, adding that extra touch that reminds you this is a Messy creation. Vibrant wig wag designs create psychedelic sections across the rig as well as in the marble itself further characterizing these impressive mini rigs. And since they're so small, they're also conveniently portable!

  • Fixed downstem
  • Simple, straightforward diffusion
  • Intensely flavorful hits