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Messy Glass Bubble Millie Cap

by Messy Glass
$ 35.00
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A Carb Cap is Worth a Thousand Words

Messy Glass does justice to the intricate art of glass millie with their line of Millie Bubble Caps. "Millie" is derived from the Italian word "millefiori" which translates to "a thousand flowers." This decorative technique dates back to the mid-1800s but saw a resurgence in the 1980s that's allowed glass artisans to add even more character to their work. As Messy Glass shows here with these quirky and vibrant carb caps, pop culture is often the focus of decorative millie. Choose from diverse designs including grey aliens, magic mushrooms, the heart-eyes emoji and more. 

For these pieces, Messy Glass chose to use a bubble cap design for its ample "canvas" size and functional popularity. Bubble caps are beloved for their easy and quick rotation and masterful control when used with your flat top quartz banger. A hollow tube runs the length of the carb cap from top to bottom, allowing for heightened airflow control. 

So, if you want to clean up every last drop of wax in that banger, do it the Messy way.

  • Intricate millie glass decorative technique
  • Easy functionality of the bubble cap design 
  • Choose from 8 unique designs