Masta Glass Rainbow Wig Wag Sherlock Pipe

by Masta Glass
$ 400.00

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted in a Sherlock. Literally Everything.

There’s so much going on with the Rainbow Wig Wag Sherlock Pipe from Masta Glass, it’s hard to know where to start. Rainbow wig wag saturates this curvaceous glass Sherlock with stunning blue dichro making up the serpentine snaking of the neck. An oversized trumpet-style bowl is perfect as a cherry bowl piece. If that’s not enough, this handpipe also incorporates genuine Ill-Uminati coloring. Developed by Northstar Glassworks, Ill-Uminati coloring produces UV reactive effects that look gorgeous in sunlight but grow even brighter under UV light. Celebrated as the brightest UV color on the market, this impressive Sherlock presents genuine Ill-Uminati coloring in visually mindblowing ways. The Ill-Uminati is further offset by ultraviolet coloring for a truly unique, mesmerizing effect.

  • Generously sized cherry bowl
  • Comfortable Sherlock design
  • Fully saturated wig wag decoration
  • Genuine Ill-Uminati coloring
  • UV-reactive
  • Rich blue dichro at the stem