Madzilla Glass Recycler Rig w/ Showerhead Perc 5mm

by Madzilla Glass
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$ 99.00
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Delicious Taste That Goes Down Smooth

This highly functional Madzilla Glass Recycler Rig features a massive multiport showerhead perc feeding to a generous chamber that leads to a flawless recycler action for ultimate diffusion and a bumrush of flavor and effects for you. The super thick, solid base denotes the level of quality and attention throughout this top-shelf piece. The iconic Madzilla logo is highlighted by your choice of neon blue or green accents. This recycler rig features a 14mm male glass joint and includes a high-quality quartz banger.

Madzilla is renowned as a social media icon, a worldwide recognized model, and, of course, for quality glass products like this steamroller pipe. Dab Nation is proud to bring you high quality Madzilla products featuring the 420 icon’s official brand.

  • Thick 5mm glass
  • 13.75" height
  • Built-in showerhead perc
  • 14mm male joint size
  • Quartz banger included