Madzilla Glass Beaker Bong 7mm

by Madzilla Glass
$ 150.00

The Beaker You Want for Your Science Experiments

This fresh new Madzilla Glass 5mm Beaker Bong is carefully crafted out of super thick and durable 5mm borosilicate glass and then tatted up with a vibrant collection of imagery designed by Madzilla herself. Featuring a heady neon removable downstem with simple diffusion, the beaker bottom style of this water pipe delivers massive chugging hits every time. Comes equipped with a 14mm clear male glass-on-glass flower bowl but this ripper is perfect for dabs too! Utilize the triple ice pinch for the benefits of an ice catcher bong and chill your terps on delivery for the ultimate smoking experience!

Madzilla is renowned as a social media icon, a worldwide recognized model, and, of course, for quality glass products like this steamroller pipe. Dab Nation is proud to bring you high quality Madzilla products featuring the 420 icon’s official brand.

  • Thick 5mm glass design
  • 14.5” height
  • 4.75” downstem length
  • 14mm clear male glass-on-glass flower bowl piece included