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Long Island Quartz Bangers

by Long Island Quartz
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$ 200.00
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Personality Etched Directly Into a Quartz Banger

Each of these dab bangers from Long Island Quartz exudes personality, proudly presenting buckets etched with intricate designs. These designs are mirrored at the bucket base and even in the wooden base of the included presentation case. The diverse quartz bangers offered by Long Island Quartz offer choices of neck angle and joint size when available, keeping the comfort of your sesh in mind. The beveled edge of the bucket creates the perfect complement to your favorite bubble cap. Add even more personality to your prized wax rig with one of these etched quartz bangers from Long Island Quartz. 

  • Crafted from high quality quartz
  • Choose the design that suits your style
  • Choose from 45° or 90° neck angles (where available)
  • Choose from 10mm or 14mm joint size (where available)
  • Male joint type
  • Includes glass top presentation container with matching wooden base