Leisure Glass Lil Dubs Mini Bong - 14mm

by Leisure Glass
$ 450.00

The Lil Bong With Big Results

Crafted from renowned glass blower Leisure Glass, the Lil Dubs Mini Bong uses a lot of ingenuity to deliver you the kind of hits that can gently lift you to new heights. The dual chamber water pipe features a unique perc in each chamber: a 6-arm perc at the base and a 10-arm tree perc in the stacked chamber. Try getting any harshness through that system! The bong itself uses a stable design with an ample base so that it's secure when at rest. The angled mouthpiece also keeps plenty of room between your face and the heat. 

  • Two percs for silky smoke: a 6-arm base perc and a 10-arm tree perc
  • Two stacked chambers
  • 8" height
  • Angled mouthpiece for comfort