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Leisure Glass Clear Brickstack Incycler - 14mm

by Leisure Glass
$ 400.00

Light as a Feather, Heavy as a Brick

You can huff and you can puff, but you can't blow the Leisure Glass Clear Brickstack Incycler down. This stout and sturdy incycler-style dab rig uses two stacked chambers and an intricately designed brickstack perc to iron out even the harshest of hits keeping your hits light and your body sinking like a... well, like a brick. A pivoted mouthpiece provides even more comfort to your sesh so you'll feel right at home and totally untouchable to any of life's big bad wolves. 

  • Two generously sized chambers
  • Intricate brickstack perc
  • Stable design with ample base
  • Pivoted mouthpiece for comfort