$ 1.50

Juicy Jones Cones are the best tasting pre-rolled cones you can get, thanks to our triple dip flavouring system. A great way to roll up your favorite dry smoke. 2 Cones in every pack with a re-usable wooden Dank 7 tip. A special rice/H blend that creates an easy smooth burn. Pure H papers printed with soy ink. 

Did You Know That The Average Human Has About 10,000 Taste Buds; However, They’re Not All On The Tongue. Some Are Under The Tongue, Some Are On The Inside Of The Cheeks, Some Are On The Roof Of The Mouth. Some Can Even Be Found On The Lips, That’s Why Juicy Papers And Wraps Taste So Amazingly Good. Juicy Has 3X More Flavor Than Our Bland Competitors!


  • 24 per box, 2 Juicy Jones & 1 reusable wooden dank 7 tip