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Directional Bubble Carb Cap, Blue

by Dab Nation
$ 19.99

The Directional Carb Cap Motto: No Dab Left Behind

The directional flow carb cap has quickly become an essential item found in most heady stashes. Combining the control of a directional carb cap and the wiggle room of a bubble carb cap, you're finally afforded the space and efficiency to get every last drop of wax without any waste. Paired off with a thermal quartz banger, this cutting edge carb cap lets you conduct the airflow, hitting the nooks and crannies of the banger to get any hard-to-reach wax deposits. The bulbous, bubble shape also allows you to physically move the carb cap around so no dab is left behind. It's the perfect solution to low temperature dabbing. This bubble style carb cap is compatible with the widest variety of styles of quartz bangers and works ideally with a quartz flat top banger. Enjoy full vaporization and increased terp appreciation with this affordable quartz bubble cap.

  • Bubble shape allows you to move around carb cap for easy access
  • Directional airflow control reaches nooks and crannies of banger