iDab Worked Bottle Glass Dab Rig 14mm

by iDab
$ 250.00
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There’s no Genie in This Bottle, But It Still Grants Wishes

The iDab Worked Bottle Glass Dab Rig provides a huge chamber for generous rips while offering a unique look to what we’ve come to expect from a wax rig. Even the harshest hits come out smooth thanks to the built-in 3-hole perc. Though they may resemble psychedelic ceramic jugs at first glance, each of these glass rigs is crafted from rugged German Schott borosilicate right here in the U.S., resulting in prime heat resistance. Choose from a collection of worked designs that best suits your character.

  • Built-in 3-hole perc
  • Crafted from high quality German Schott borosilicate glass
  • Made in the U.S.A.