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iDab Worked Bubble Carb Cap

by iDab
$ 19.99
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The banger dabber carb cap is another quality dabbing tools from iDab. in your hands that no doubt will give you a great dabbing experience. This is multi-functional dab tool which is carefully designed as a dabber and carb cap! There is a dedicated hole in the center which has the sole purpose of directing the airflow in a bid to prevent vapor loss. This long dabber is very efficient for picking up all those sticky concentrates. If you're wondering, the carb cap dabber will be able to fit in 2mm thick bangers. There is also the nicely designed iDab logo on the body for the signature iDab product look.
  • Height: 2" inches
  • Material: German Schott Boro Glass 
  • Style: Bubble Cap
  • Type: Carb Cap
  • 10 Colors