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iDab Worked Banger Carb Cap

by iDab
$ 29.99
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Worked banger carb cap are 2.25" and designed for banger nails. Made of sturdy, worked borosilicate glass, these carb caps can take the heat! It is a much smaller version of the iDab Carb Cap.

Like every other car cap, because the carb cap prevents cool air from entering the nail, the nail stays warmer for longer. This means you won’t have to heat your nail as much and you can enjoy a slightly cooler and smoother dab. A carb cap also helps increase the pressure inside the nail, which helps use every last bit of product before the nail has time to fully cool down.

Not only is a carb cap simple to use, but it can also act as two tools in one. Many carb caps include a dabbing tool/dry product prodder on the other end for multi-functionality.

  • Worked Colored Glass
  • German Schott Boro Glass
  • 2.25" inches
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • 9 Colors to choose from