iDab Puffco Bubble Carb Cap Full Color (Line Work, UV, CFL)

by iDab
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$ 30.00

Combine the Style of iDab with the Convenience of the Puffco Peak

The iDab Puffco Bubble Carb Cap is the perfect complement to one of the most popular smart rigs on the market, the Puffco Peak. Add an extra element of control to each sesh with this beautifully designed bubble carb cap that allows you to fully manage airflow for a tailored sesh. You can even use this bubble cap to dislodge any tenacious wax that's found its way into the corners of your Peak's atomizer bucket. 

  • Stylish, colorful design complements any Puffco Peak
  • Bubble carb cap style allows for premium airflow control
  • Made in the U.S.A.