iDab Lollipop Directional Carb Cap and Dabber

by iDab
$ 14.99
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Lollipop Shaped Carb Cap with Dabber

Includes directional air flow nozzle on the bottom of the cap. This fits regular & XL banger nails/quartz dishes.

It works with Flat Tops Nails with a nail head less than 30mm wide Directional Air Flow Nozzle.

This supper efficient directional carb cap and dabber is handmade in Orange County, CA. It is high Grade Borosilicate. It is also compatible with Regular and Oversized Bangers and Quartz Dishes.

  • Height: 3" inches
  • Material: German Schott Boro Glass
  • Style: Rounded Flat Carb Cap and Rounded Tip Dabber
  • Type: Carb Cap
  • 10 Colors