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iDab Henny Bottle Dab Rig - Medium Full color (Line Work, UV, CFL) 14mm

by iDab
$ 240.00

Dabbing Full Throttle with a Henny Bottle

The iDab Henny Bottle Dab Rig takes the iconic Henny bottle design and works it into a distinctive, potent wax rig. The Henny bottle shape is perfect for stability while offering a generous chamber. Hits are ironed out thanks to a built-in downstem perc. A single glass knocker stands behind the stem, encasing a unique shard of opal. Crafted from worked borosilicate, this colorful bottle rig pulls out all of the stops in hitting home the iDab visual aesthetic. Adorned with sacred geometry across the chamber with the distinctive iDab logo across the stem, the iDab Henny Bottle Wax Rig is a welcome addition to any diverse glass collection. 

NOTE: UV, CFL and Worked designs are subject to fluctuating availability. Please contact us at for any questions about specific pieces.

  • Distinctive Henny bottle design
  • Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate
  • Decorative glass knocker encases a shard of opal
  • Colorful worked glass
  • 14mm joint size
  • Made in the U.S.A.