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iDab E Nail Rig 18mm

by iDab
$ 99.99
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When it comes to dabbing, it is mostly all about achieving temperature consistency. When it is too cold, the dab pools at the base of the nail, thereby giving off little or no vapor. When it's too hot, you're left with a dab that smells and tastes like hot melted plastic that was scorched in a print of its own carbon dust.

Also known as electronic nails, its unit’s possess controller box which gives off heat via a coil that is directly connected to the nail. With the help of the boxes it is possible for a controlled manipulation of temperature to the nail. This gives users the ability to regulate the heat to the rig with just the touch of a button.

  • Height: 6" inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm
  • Joint Type: Female
  • Material: German Schott Boro Glass
  • Style: E Nail Rig, Joint offset
  • Type: Dab Rig
  • Color: Clear