iDab Bubble Carb Cap

by iDab
$ 19.99

Bubble Trouble

Made specifically to function best with flat top quartz bangers, bubble carb caps are very versatile in that their rounded bulb shape is potentially compatible with many different sizes of quartz dome less nails.

A hollow stem extending from the top of the bulb, and another coming out from the bottom, the carb is formed and the rounded edges of the bulb sealed against the flat top of the quartz banger allow the user to turn the bubble cap effortlessly. This action creates the same effect as a directional flow carb cap as the oil begins to vaporize faster as soon as the bubble carb cap is placed over the top of the quartz nail.

Product Specs:

  • Height: 2" inches
  • Material: German Schott Boro Glass
  • Style: Bubble Cap
  • Type: Carb Cap