Happy Daddy Products - THE BABY BUDDAH

by Happy Daddy Products
$ 20.00

Simply gather your concentrate and touch the dabber tool to your favorite device, wait for the oil to liquefy and watch the magic happen. You will soon find out why this dabber tool is so highly recommended.

Happy Daddy's Instructions for Use:

  1. Remove the Happy Daddy tool from the packaging. We know you can do it.
  2. Now you can look at it, mystified by its beauty. Go ahead: scratch your head like your early cave-dwelling ancestors.
  3. This tool is designed to be dipped into essential oil at a 45 degree angle, but you don't need to bother getting out your protractor.
  4. Remember to preheat your vaporizing device before sticking the good stuff in.
  5. If you suddenly become hungry, you can thoroughly clean your tool before using it to scoop out some caviar. Don't forget to hold your pinky up.
  6. Now you have a choice. You can celebrate your tool with an evil laugh or a kung-fu kick (though be mindful not to kick your friends or important stuff).