Gucci Pattern Black Puffco Peak Glass Attachment from PaKoH Glass

by Pakoh Glass
Sold out
$ 1,080.00

Puffco Peak Glass Attachment from PaKoH Glass

Add a touch of that Gucci life to your Puffco Peak with one of these carefully crafted Puffco Peak attachments from PaKoH Glass. This upgraded piece easily snaps in or out of your Peak’s base, allowing for easier storage capabilities and simple cleaning. While the Gucci logo is known around the world as a symbol of prestige in everything from clothing to accessories, it’s not often you see it applied to portable dab rigs. Take advantage of this stylish take on Puffco Peak Attachments, while enjoying feathery hits thanks to a built-in bubbler perc.

Check out the artist himself, PaKoH Glass

*Puffco peak not included       

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