Greg Wilson External "Fountain" Recycler Collab w/ Grimm Glass- Red with Dolphin - 14mm, 90°

by Greg Wilson
$ 1,000.00

Under the Sea...

In a stunning heady glass collaboration between Greg Wilson and Grimm Glass, the External "Fountain" Recycler Rig presents a full undersea scene including a dolphin, clownfish and seagrass with a conical deep red chamber with recycler tubes running down through stabilizing cylindrical red glass supports. It's as bizarre as it is beautiful. Get lost in the suboceanic splendor of this piece while floating away on silky smooth hits courtesy of the recycler rig design. This is functional art at its best. 

  • Collaboration between Greg Wilson and Grimm Glass
  • Recycler rig design
  • 14mm joint size
  • 90° neck angle