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Calsmith and Greg Wilson Daffy Duck Heady Glass Dab Rig - 10mm, 45°

by Greg Wilson
$ 420.00

"Keep Your Hands Off My Ducking Dabs!"

This heady glass creation from Greg Wilson presents a vaguely Daffy Duck-esque character in a vaguely beaker pipe-esque dab rig design. We hope you can handle your dabs because if you can't, you'll have nothing to hold onto but the judgmental look in this bird's eyes as you fail hard. The good news is Daffy's judgmental look turns into one of baffled amazement if you really excel at ripping dabs. The beaker design gives this heady glass rig some welcome stability. 

  • Heady glass dab rig design from Greg Wilson
  • 10mm joint size
  • 45° neck angle