Green Bear Banger Insert - Clear

by Green Bear
$ 20.00

A Clear Favorite for Keeping Your Quartz Banger Clean

These Clear Banger Inserts from Green Bear add an extra layer between sticky concentrates and your banger, helping you to keep it clean and free of stains. While the insert is at room temperature, you can take your time dropping your dab into it. Once you've heated your banger, you simply drop your loaded insert and enjoy a cleaner dabbing experience with improved heat retention. These clear banger inserts are great for accurately gauging a dab dose since you can clearly see how much you've loaded. It's an easy, cost effective way to make sure you're getting the most that your concentrates have to offer. 

  • Keeps your banger clean
  • Helps optimize heat retention
  • Clear design lets you see how much concentrate you've loaded