GRAV - Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong

by Grav
$ 70.00

She Blinded Me With Science

This is where it all began for Grav... the legendary GRAV Gravitron high performance gravity bong! The Gravitron uses pressurized smoke to deliver juggernaut hits not for the faint of heart (or lung). There's a scientific method to its madness and it's really quite simple: 

1.) Fill the base of the Gravitron with approximately 8" of water (or just below the decal).

2.) Place the bottle into the base.

3.) Load the included 12mm bowl. 

4.) Place the bowl in the bottle's mouthpiece.

5.) As you light the bowl, slowly pull the bottle upward, allowing it to fill with smoke.

6.) Remove the bowl piece and inhale through the bottle's mouthpiece as you push it back into the water. 

7.) Pick yourself back up off the ground. 

Even though the Gravitron was first unveiled in 2004, its timeless science is leaving veterans in coughing fits to this day. It's also the piece that put Grav on the map. So, if you think you've got what it takes to handle the pressure, step up to the Gravitron and maybe, just maybe you'll stay on your feet. 

  • 11" height
  • 12mm female joint
  • 12mm funnel bowl piece included
  • Designed by Dave daily