GRAV® Gravitron® Dabitron Bubbler Nail

by Grav
$ 23.99
$ 20.40

Grav Nails It Again

The GRAV® Gravitron® Dabitron Bubbler Nail is a precision-crafted piece designed to convert the Grav Gravitron high performance gravity bong into an upright dab rig. If you're loving your Gravitron but are missing the wax, the Dabitron Bubbler Dab Nail brings you the premium water filtration you need for potent, flavorful dab hits. A filtering downstem is combined with a 14mm female domeless quartz dab nail for a quick-heating platform that will preserve the flavor of your concentrates. 

  • 10" height
  • 12mm/14mm male joint
  • Includes a 14mm quartz domeless dab nail
  • Designed by Stephan Peirce