GRAV® 4" Glass Blunt - Various Colors

by GravLabs
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Enjoy the feeling and power of a fat blunt with the smoothness and flavor preservation of glass thanks to the GRAV Glass Blunt. This innovative glass blunt uses 12mm tubing to extend up to 4” in length. An exterior sleeve wraps around a thin mouthpiece with a tapered end designed specifically to act as an ash catcher, shielding you from combusted debris that can tear up your throat. The GRAV labs glass blunt is held together by heat shrink tubing, tailored to the design of the glass blunt for a perfect fit. While you’re taking your hit, you simply need to gently push the inner tube to expel the ash, leaving nothing but crisp, smooth smoke for you to enjoy. The best part about this "blunt wrap" is that it's reusable! Give it a good cleaning every once in a while and it'll last forever. GRAV labs have made a name for themselves with their scientific glass, always bringing you the best smoking experience. Dab Nation is excited to carry the full line of glass blunts from GRAV labs, so you can buy glass blunt colors that best suit your style or go with the original clear model. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the GRAV Glass Blunt.
Length  Height : 4" 
Use  With : Flower 
Designed  By : Dave Daily