Glass Wizard Quad Uptake Gil Perc Klein Recycler Rigs Design #2

by Dab Nation
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$ 750.00

You Don't Need to Be a Wizard to Feel the Magic

The Glass Wizard Quad Uptake Gil Perc Klein Recycler Rig may seem like it's using dark arts to create those crisp, powerful hits, but we assure you, it's pure science. Employing the logistical superiority of a Klein weld, the pathway of this recycler rig circumvents the built-in quad uptake gil perc so you can enjoy smooth hits without any turbulence. Rich colored glass saturates bold sections of the piece, playing off the transparent chamber for stunning style.

  • Quad Uptake Gil Perc Klein recycler rig design
  • 10mm Joint Size
  • Includes Spinner Cap