Glass Lung Mason Jar Debowler

by Glass Lung
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$ 12.00

Now There's No Need to Break the Sanctity of Couch Lock

The Glass Lung Mason Jar Debowler takes a stout, classic mason jar and artfully repurposes it as an efficient bowl cleaning tool. The lid of the mason jar prominently features a debowling tool which efficiently and thoroughly takes care of cashed bowls, leaving your bowl pieces clean and ready for the next round. The mason jar automatically catches the ash and debris as an ashtray, so you don't have to hover around the trash can with a pick. It's a huge convenience when smoking multiple bowls. If you really want to hit the heights of relaxation in your next sesh, the Glass Lung Mason Jar Debowler has you covered. 

  • Empties cashed bowls
  • Mason jar catches ashes