Genius Pipe - Genius Taster V.2

by Genius Pipe
$ 59.95

Turn Your Genius Pipe Into a Pocket Dab Rig

The Genius Taster V.2 is a limited edition attachment for your Genius Pipe that instantly turns it into a pocket dab rig. When used with the Evolution Slider, the Genius Taster locks into place with your Genius Pipe to produce smooth, potent hits of waxes, shatter and other concentrates without a cumbersome rig or water. This attachment uses specially designed heatsink ridges to uniformly distribute heat while keeping it away from your Genius Pipe. Honed from solid Titanium II, it's a rugged piece perfectly suited for travel. Why choose between flower and concentrates? With the Genius Taster, you can have both!


  • Transforms your Genius Pipe into a dab rig
  • Used together with the Evolution Slider
  • Heatsink ridges evenly distribute heat
  • Designed to lock into place
  • Crafted from solid Titanium II
  • Limited edition