Genius Pipe - G-Stone 3 Pack

by Genius Pipe
$ 24.95

Get Some Stones

The G-Stone Genius Pipe accessory provides you with a creative method for enjoying concentrates in portable convenience with your Genius Pipe.The G-Stone is a ceramic sponge that will not emit any smoke or vapor by itself. It absorbs the concentrates into the stone and vaporizes them giving you a tasty hit. Hits are smooth and clean, yet still pack full flavor profiles since there's no water to dilute the delicious taste of your wax. Leave the cumbersome dab rig at home. All you need to enjoy wax ion the go is your trusty Genius Pipe, a lighter, your favorite concentrate and one of these handy G-Stones.

  • Absorbs concentrates and vaporizes once heat is high enough
  • Filters without water so flavor is left full and uncompromised
  • Only requires your G-Stone, Genius Pipe, lighter and a dab
  • Includes 3 x G-Stones