Genius Pipe - Egyptian Treasure

by Genius Pipe
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$ 99.95

The perfect  treasure

The Genius Pipe Ushers in the Era of the Modern Smoker

The Genius Pipe provides a highly portable and discreet smoking solution for the modern on-the-go smoker. This ultra-thin hand pipe is specially designed from rugged anodized aluminum, featuring a patented dimple design that serves as a waterless filter for clean, cool hits. Since the dimples filter out ash, debris and other contaminants, the Genius Pipe is a healthier alternative to your standard spoon pipe. Hits from a Genius Pipe also taste better since flavor is never diluted with water.

Since the Genius Pipe employs a magnetic slide cover, you can actually pack a bowl before you hit the road and not worry about spills or leaking odors giving you away. You can also disassemble this portable smoking pipe for easy cleaning and maintenance. Step into the modern era of the jetsetting smoker with your very own discreet and portable Genius Pipe.

The Egyptian Treasure Genius Pipe captures the simplicity and beauty of the ancient Egyptian artifacts. 

  • Patented dimple design acts as a waterless filter
  • Cooler smoke and a healthier experience
  • Preserves flavor
  • Anodized aluminum design
  • Discreet and portable
  • Magnetic slide cover keeps packed bowls secure while you’re on the move
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Accommodates any standard 0.75” screen